Teachers, check your email!

In this time of uncertainty, everyones priorities have changed. Mine too, of course. My family’s health and safety comes above all, but I cannot ignore the personal importance of the Bees@Schools project. I have been leading this project for over a year, and many many hours of work have gone in to getting it this far. It is my belief and hope that a project such as this can continue and perhaps bring even more benefit to the lives of its participants. Across Canada, parents are doing their absolute best in this new situation, but I know that finding enough to occupy their children with is quite the task. Finding interesting learning opportunities that can be done while still adhering to the physical distancing required is a challenge. I hope that those that applied earlier this year will agree and find the time and energy to install a bee hotel on their school property. This will allow students to visit with their families when they can, and give teachers an activity that can be done ‘as a class’ remotely.

We had 317 new schools apply to the Bees@Schools program, many with multiple teachers. There were also 23 schools that applied for the second year in a row! This left me with the difficult, but pleasant, task of deciding which schools would be offered a bee hotel. The first round of offers will be sent out in the first week of April, with follow-up offers being sent as teachers may be unable to participate.

The map shows the Bees@Schools applicants for the 2020 season. The distribution across Canada is great!